The Power Goes Out & My Brain Falls Out

The power went out. There’s not a storm, there’s no scheduled maintenance, it just went out. It happens sometimes around here, nothing too alarming really. I’ll text one neighbor and ask if hers is out as well, and by the time I press send the neighbor from the other side has texted me the same question. It’s 9am with plenty of sunshine and we’ve already got the kids off to school, so no big deal. Except, for some odd reason, when the power goes out, I tend to go stupid.

I understand power/electricity. I mean, I understand it as far as knowing things that are plugged into a wall or connected to a switch won’t work without it. But all logic fails me when the power isn’t working. I’m about to really shed some light on my obviously damaged mom-brain, in hopes of getting a “me too, don’t fret,” but fully expecting I’ll probably get more, “are you kidding me? You need to be evaluated.” Holding my breath…here’s what’s going on…

First of all, you know that eerie quiet sound when all the white noises cease in a power outage?…yea, that skipped us today. My Sponge Bob obsessed two year old whaled and threw his blanket to the floor the moment the TV clicked off. My immediate reaction was, it’s ok, here, I’ll switch the smart TV to the Hulu app since the cable is out. Ok, duh. I honestly can’t believe I’m even admitting this. Oh, but it gets better. Next rushed decision amidst toddler tantrum was oh, here, watch Hulu on my phone, until I realized I wasn’t on my home’s WiFi and my mobile data plan isn’t generous enough for me to stream cartoons. Crap.

I picked up my babe and finally settled his tears with a chocolate chip cookie. Yes, at 9am. Alright, I tell him, lets go upstairs and you can hang out with Mommy while I get ready. Just let me warm my coffee up real quick  Doh!! Seriously made my way through the dark kitchen and set my mug into the dark microwave and shut it before realizing…well you know what I realized. Luckily the coffee in the pot was still fresh so I poured a tad more in my cup to warm it some. (I didn’t want to make a fresh cup because I knew getting my creamer from the fridge would compromise the insulated temperature in there. One smart point for mom, right?) Then the tot and I went upstairs so I could curl my hair. *Sigh* This time I praised myself on realizing that the hair curler wasn’t an option as I was walking up the steps, and I got to skip plugging it in like an idiot. We’re up to a point and a half for mom.

I decided I’d just do my makeup and wait. The power usually isn’t out for too long. But total bummer, with no windows in my master bathroom it is super dark in there. With the little guy bouncing happily around on my bed right now, I’ll just find an outfit instead, I thought.

Walked in the closet…flipped the light switch. Felt dumb. Tried on an outfit, looked in the full length mirror in my bedroom where the sunlight was enough to see but not fully. Flipped the bedroom light switch. Felt super dumb. All dressed now with makeup in one hand and my dude in the other I headed back downstairs to use the spare bedroom for makeup, as it gets better outside light. Reached to turn off the already off (and not working anyway) bedroom light switch again as I left my room. Felt…can’t even say.

Threw on just a touch of makeup downstairs; as much as Mr. Fuss Pants would let me. Here, have another cookie. Went into the spare bathroom, which has no windows, and left the door open for light, then actually thought to myself, awe man I won’t be able to flush wait..nevermind..not ran by electricity. That one had to be minus two points, at least.

I walked around the house preparing for my day and flicked on a handful more non-working light switches. Here, have another cookie. Glanced at the blank microwave clock and paused in momentary confusion, twice. I realized I really should just leave and get my errands done now, the power would probably be back on by the time I got home. So I gathered my little guy and headed for the garage. …Which has an electric door opener. I’m not tall enough or strong enough to pull the release lever thingy and open it myself. I am stuck here. In the house that doesn’t work. The house that mocks me at my entrance into every room, and my attempt at every task.

Accepting defeat in my plans, I decided to jot this down real quick. My computer is fully charged. Haha, take that, electricity. Opened the internet to post to my blog. Shocker, no connection. At this point I’m blushing in embarrassment even though nobody is even here. So I’m typing it up on a word document and will post it later.

I’m just kind of curious…does anyone else’s brain fall out when the power goes out? I’m not kidding, I feel really really stupid. I am all for conservation of energy and try to keep my usage to minimum, or so I think until I don’t have it, but darned if it doesn’t literally run my life and leave me baffled in its absence.

I’m blaming my already overworked mom-brain. And perhaps the coffee not being warm. And…oh look there, its back on. A whopping 20 minutes in which I should have just gave my kiddo the whole bag of cookies and read a book by the window, avoiding all forms of discouragement and now embarrassment.

Final score…Mom, negative one half. Twenty minute power outage, a bunch. How in the world did I get bested by something that is quite literally a nothing?!

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One thought on “The Power Goes Out & My Brain Falls Out

  1. Your post makes me laugh. Honestly the power doesn’t go out where I live enough, or for that long when it does, for me to say whether or not I lose my mind. Plus, no toddler in sight and enough data on my phone for days… Do any of your neighbors have toddlers? It seems like that would be the perfect time and excuse for a play date! 😀

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