i fail a lot because i try a lot…and i’m gonna try again

I’ve been completely overwhelmed and touched by the countless e-mails pouring in begging me to continue blogging. Cue Rihanna’s “Where have you been all my life.”  BAHAHAhahahahaha!!! I’m kidding, obviously. But there were two..maybe three of my friends who asked me from time when I was going to get back at it and those alone really were the sweetest gestures.
Jokes aside, here I am back at it. Trying to be, at least. Let’s play catch-up and fill-in…

My last post was in April, and it was a halfhearted one at that over acronyms, in an attempt at putting a little humor back into my blog world. I had three blog goals for April and after getting through the first one I was just shot. April represents three things that are very important to me:

  1. Child Abuse Prevention Month
  2. Food Allergy Awareness Month and
  3. Month of the Military Child.

I had drafts and intentions to cover all three, but only had enough in me to push Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness by sharing Baley’s story, which actually got one of the best responses of any of my posts to date. Awareness that saves children makes my heart summersault!

But with the next topic of Food Allergy Awareness…you have to know that April was the month that I almost lost my oldest son to Anaphylactic Shock from food allergies, and I do suffer from an excruciating amount of post-traumatic stress over the anniversary of that event. It takes a great deal of processing for me to get through April, and even Easter. April is also when Baley was shaken, so many members of my family are solemn through that month. Yes you read that right…I nearly lost my baby to food allergies during food allergy awareness month, and my cousin nearly lost her baby to shaken baby syndrome during child abuse prevention month. Emotions run high.

This year in April, completely unrelated, my best friend’s Dad was taken away by suicide and I rushed to her side several states away, devastated for her loss. Next April the anniversary of his death will loom this already hated month even more. And it has become one more awareness that is close to my heart now. Especially as my son approaches those delicate teenage years in this very fast paced high pressured world.

In short…I just hate April. I got into a funk this year and quit writing all together for quite a while.military child

I did have an amazing draft written for the month of the military child…maybe I’ll post that next year first and keep myself focused on something positive. After all I was a military child, and so are my children. I should thrive on that topic. (Madi in Dad’s helmet –>)


May…I don’t have much to say. Geez I don’t even remember May. oo I’m a poet!

June…in Virginia, my kids were in school until the last week of June while everyone else we knew was on summer break a month prior. That filled most of our month. Then we got a wild hair to buy a ginormous travel camper for our family of six! Wow, that deserves its own full blog post.

my favorite five people about to get their s'more on #camperlife

my favorite five people about to get their s’more on #camperlife

July…I was super bummed to miss fireworks this year. There’s no way I was going into DC to see them. I just hate the city life around here. Don’t get me wrong, DC is amazingly outerbanksbeautiful, and I want to see much more of it before our temporary time here is up, but it’s just not entirely for me. The week after 4th festivities calmed down, we took our camper to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where we fell in love with area and even more so our camper. I have to blog that one too because I have the best pictures ever. It was a blast!

August…Oh my, here we are. I remember last year I wrote a post titled “August Already” where I wowed at how quickly it sprung itself on me. Darned if it didn’t do it again this year. We’ve just celebrated my Dad’s birthday on Sunday, my husband’s on Monday, my daughter Madison’s is today (she’s 5!) and Saturday my baby Owen will be 2!! Happy Birthday, Family! Again…everyone we know is back to school except for us, we don’t start until September. Madi will be in Kindergarten leaving me with only one child at home. I’m pretty excited for the break…hopefully…Owen is the hardest baby I’ve ever had!



Now with my writing….I did get back into a good writing routine about a month ago and am excited to announce that I HAVE FINISHED MY FIRST NOVEL!!!!! Oh my heck. I writing wrote a book! I literally dotted the period on the last sentence (I hand-wrote the entire thing) and sat there and stared at it with the biggest grin on my face. It is typed and printed and I’m probably ¼ way through with the final edit. I also have outlines and drafts for at least 3 more, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers as THIS is so completely 100% “what I want to be when I grow up.”

So between a slight emotional breakdown through April, summer transition and family fun, writing my book, getting involved with a non-profit organization with an intense

summer fun: pool day with the babes

summer fun: pool day with the babes

workout routine 3+ times a week (that definitely gets its own blog) and just life….confession of the year is: This momma does NOT multi-task worth a stinking hoot! Believe me, I feel miserable about slacking on my blog. There’s been several nights I’ve woken up and thought, “ooo…go blog that,” but I am just too exhausted to function half the time.

We’ll see how it holds up. I am leading Daisy Girl Scouts this year and also took another volunteer position and these two things will come ahead of my blog as well. A few of my avid writing supporters are pestering me about my book so I have to get it done as well. But I do miss this weekly dose of gut-spilling and love sharing. I’m really really going to try my best to get back into the blog saddle!

Leave me some encouragement!

look how busy I am!

look how busy I am!





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4 thoughts on “i fail a lot because i try a lot…and i’m gonna try again

  1. I CANNOT wait to read that novel!! I thorough enjoy reading your blogs and I’ve been one of the fans that has missed seeing my email tell me “there’s a new post!”
    Reading your blogs is my “weird way” of holding on to that sister relationship that I miss so soooo much! I LOVE seeing you so happy and doing what you love and I LOVE even more learning how to be a better mama by seeing all the things you do! You’re a true rock-star Melissa!
    Love ya!

    • I can’t wait for you to read it too. I hope it does not disappoint! I miss you, sister. I’m always learning how to be a better momma too so don’t stare at me too hard! 😉

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